What do wedding flowers cost?

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What do wedding flowers cost?

No two wedding (or florists) are the same.

One couple arrives in a chariot dripping with romantic and abundant flowers. The next couple arrive in leather jackets on a motorbike with their small dog wearing a flower collar.

I’m here to hook you up with helpful info,  so I’ve put together a summary of popular wedding flower budgets.

Think of this summary as a ‘rough guide’. There are many ‘what if’  and ‘except this’ scenarios when it comes to wedding flowers.

My desire for this blog post is to help you get a feel for what items your budget might include.

How important are fresh flowers to you on your wedding day?

We are here to understand what’s important to you and help bring it to life. We are always happy to provide suggestions on where your wedding flower budget is best spent in order to make the biggest impact on the day.

As a bit of a guide, we suggest your floral budget account for 10-15% of your overall wedding budget.

If you are looking for insta-worthy, overflowing and extra lush designs, we suggest allocating 20-25% of your total wedding budget.

I like to talk about budget early on. Letting me know how much you’re looking to spend on flowers means I can whip up customised options and suggestions that suit YOU.

$1200 – $1800

  • Usually, this will allow for a bridal bouquet, a few bridesmaid bouquets as well as buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen. Depending on how many peeps are in your wedding party, it could also include buttonholes and or corsages

$2000 – $3500

  • Depending on the size of the wedding party, this range will likely cover all personal flowers (bouquets, buttonholes) and some table decorations at the reception. We would suggest smaller arrangements on each table or a collection of bud vases with feature blooms.
  • Or, instead of table flowers, you could go for a large feature at the ceremony (perhaps an archway with florals) or the reception.
    Alternatively, if your wedding party only includes two additional people, this budget could allow for a ceremony feature as well as a reception installation.

$4000 – $5500

  • This budget typically includes personal flowers (bouquets & buttonholes) as well as a feature at the ceremony and the reception. Smaller table arrangements or bud vases for the tables are also an option here.
  • Or, if there is just one of either a ceremony feature and/or reception installation, you might like to have fuller and more lush arrangements on the tables.

$6000 – $8500

  • This range could include personal flowers, a ceremony floral feature, an installation at the reception, as well as flowers for the tables.
  • It’s good to note that, if we are building a custom ceremony element, this budget may only account for personal flowers, the ceremony feature and a few touches at the reception.

$9000 – $11,000

  • A collection of personal flowers, large statement / impact pieces at the ceremony (for example, urn arrangements or an archway PLUS aisle flowers OR a feature installation). For the reception, the budget could allow for a hanging feature as well as lush flowers for the tables.


We’ve skated over a few things:

Smaller items such as cake flowers, floral dog collars, throw petals, sign flowers etc aren’t mentioned above. There are literally hundreds of combinations, so to keep things simple, we’ve left them out. We can go through these in more detail on our first date phone call.

The number of peeps in your wedding party, as well as the number of guests/tables will impact the listed price ranges.

Prices always vary depending on the number of flower varieties used and how many premium blooms are needed. Premium blooms include seductive favourites like Peonies, Orchids & some varieties of roses to name a few.

Labour charges can vary dramatically for set ups and delivery.  Each venue has it’s own rules on when we can set up and when we need to pack down.  Labour charges also change depending on the time of day (late night/early morning set ups/pack downs)  as well as the day of the week.

This is not the bible of flower guides

Not even close. But it is a little glimpse into pricing to help you get your head around what items your wedding flower budget might allow for.

You don’t need to have all the things. If you do want them, that’s cool too.

What is important to you? Let’s work together so that your wedding flowers suit your style and personality.


Lauren xx


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