Wedding flower preservation – tips from a florist

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Wedding Flower Preservation – Tips from a florist

Wondering when to book a wedding bouquet preservation service, how to keep your flowers looking fresh, or if you can send them in the post?

We break down the basics of the process and offer tips and best practices to make sure those beautiful blooms never fade.

When should I book in flower preservation?

When it comes to booking in for wedding bouquet preservation, many artists recommend doing it at least 4-6 months prior to your big day. That’s because they are working with fresh materials and each piece is handcrafted – so there is only a limited number of bookings per week they can take.

Every artist has different methods for booking in work, and they often book up far in advance.

How can they be displayed?

There are so many talented preservation artists, there really is no limit when it comes to their creativity.

Popular products include:

Framed wall art
Wood and resin cheeseboard
Phone cases
Ring holders
Resin blocks on wooden stands

8 wedding flower preservation tips from a florist

How are they preserved?

The technique an artist uses will be determined by the end product they are creating.

There are two popular techniques:

Flower pressing

This technique involves flattening leaves and flower petals. The process is done to remove moisture. An artist takes meticulous care in deconstructing each bloom so that it can be dried and pressed. This technique is great for abstract framed artworks.

Freeze drying

This technique uses a process which lowers the temperature of the flowers to below freezing. A high-pressure vacuum is then applied to extract the water in the form of vapour. This process retains the original shape and structure and preserves the flowers – making it great for and end product like an orb.

Regardless of which method is used, it’s a process that takes time, expertise and care – as the flowers must be nurtured throughout the process to ensure the best results.

9 wedding flower preservation tips from a florist

How do I look after my flowers for the best results?

Looking after your flowers from the moment you receive them is the best way to ensure great results.

  • Avoid laying them down on surfaces. Petals bruise easily.
  • Find a cool safe spot for your flowers at the reception.
  • Keep out of direct sun.
  • Have a friend organise vases at the reception so you can put them in water and keep them hydrated. Extra points if you can pack some scissors and cut 2-3cm off the stems before placing them in the vase.
  • Throwing your bouquet in the air makes for a great photo, but will leave you with broken and bruised flower heads.
  • Keep the stems hydrated – but keep the flower heads dry. Don’t spray with water.

All these little things will help ensure your blooms look beautiful once preserved.

Drop off or express post?

Most artists accept drop offs or express post and recommend they receive the flowers 1-3 days after your wedding. The sooner the better.

You will receive detailed instructions from the artist on how to correctly care for and pack your flowers so they travel safely and arrive in great condition.

It’s likely you’ll need the following items to send via express post:

  • Medium sized box
  • Ice packs
  • Paper towel
  • Newspaper/Packing peanuts
  • Packing tape

blog header wedding flower preservation tips from a florist

Express post packing guide

As a general guide you can expect to pack them up using the instructions below, but it’s best to follow the instructions your artists provides:
  • Choose a box only slightly bigger than the bouquet of flowers so that they aren’t squashed down in a box that is too small, or rolling around in a box that is too big.
  • Remove any decorative ribbon you want to keep, but be careful not to cut the band/tape holding the bouquet together.
  • Before packing, cut bouquet stems back 3cm (if possible)
  • Wrap the base of the stems in wet paper towel, then place a sandwich bag or plastic bag over the paper towel and tie the bag up with an elastic band so the water from the paper towel doesn’t escape.
  • Use butchers paper (or similar) to wrap under the “neck” of the bouquet like a scarf. This provides stability for the top of the bouquet.
  • Sticky tape a freezer block (or two) to the inside of the box so that the flowers are kept cool in transit (sticking the freezer block to the box is important so it’s not thrown around in transit causing bruising to the flowers)
  • Half fill the packing box with packing peanuts or crushed newspaper (or both) and then place the bouquet in the box- then fill the remaining space around the bouquet with the peanuts/ paper ensuring the bouquet is secure.
  • Avoid placing plastic around the flowers as this can cause moisture build-up meaning mould may grow on the flowers
  • Write fragile on the box
  • Always express post with tracking. Provide your artist with the tracking number. Select that is it is ‘safe to leave’ The last thing we want is for it to go back to the post office/shipping facility!

7 wedding flower preservation tips from a florist

How long does it take?

As a very rough guide 5-20 weeks. This depends on the process the artist uses to dry the flowers and what type of product you would like at the end.

The preservation artist you choose will be able to give you a more accurate timeline!

Will the flowers look different after drying?

The flowers will change colour, texture and transparency during the process. These are all-natural occurrences and part of what makes the preserving process so special.

Climate, the types of flowers being used, water retention and humidity all come into play during this process. The aim of the artist is to create a cohesive and visually beautiful design.  They will use the flowers in the best condition first and cannot guarantee that every flower will be used.

All flowers are different in the way they preserve and some flowers produce a much better finished result than others. If you are unsure on your flowers reach out to the artist to ask them.

A note on reflexed roses

It is also important to note that if your florist plans to reflex your roses (to create that larger, fuller look) this will cause bruising to the petals which may show in preservation.

If you have reflexed roses in your bouquet, ask your florist to leave a few of your roses in their natural form, hidden underneath your bouquet or in your table center pieces etc.

Flower Preservation Artists We Love


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Blooming Keepsakes encapsulate & preserve your precious memories of wedding bouquets & flowers in a unique, modern & affordable way.





Eclectic Creative Designs

Modern and stylish 3D resin keepsakes or a cheese board inlay of your choice. The preserved flowers are dried and suspended in resin which sets with a glass like finish which makes a unique handmade piece of fine art. Every piece is handmade in their Studio in Central QLD.



Old Leaf Designs

I carefully construct timeless unique pieces of art out of your wedding bouquet and put so much love into every step of the process. I strive to make each piece an individual work of art that captures emotion and feels alive. Based in Tweed Heads, NSW.



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Bonny V

Your wedding day is one of the most important and special days of your life. Let us preserve your beautiful bouquet, arrange you something sentimental where you keep forever in your home and share stories and memories from your piece of art.



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Embedded Blooms

By embedding your floral memories with our custom crystal clear resin, you can continue to relive the moments that matter most. Also, your custom piece is sure to invite curiosity and conversation amongst new friends, giving you even more opportunity to share your story with those flowers.


Continue the Love Affair

Preserving your bouquet is the perfect way to continue the love affair with your wedding flowers.

Remember, booking sooner rather than later is the key in this process. You only have a small window of time to get the flowers to where they need to go after the big day. Make sure you have it all planned ahead of time for the best, swoon worthy results.

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