Plan your wedding flowers – 10 tips

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Plan your wedding flowers – 10 Tips

You put a ring on it. Congrats lovers, now the planning begins. Craving clarity? We’re fresh out of diamonds, but we’re dripping in pearls of wisdom. We’ve strung together 10 tips to help make your planning effortless.

1. Break up with should

Rules? We drop ’em like they’re hot. We know that celebration – and love – comes in many forms. Break up with ‘should’ & ignite a love affair with self expression. Use your wedding day as an opportunity to focus on the things that are most important to YOU.

2. Money Talk

What could be more awkward than watching a sex scene with your parents? Talking about money. But it doesn’t have to be. I like to talk about budget early on. Letting me know how much you’re looking to spend on flowers means I can whip up customised options and suggestions that suit YOU.

3. Details & The Devil

Details making you feel dizzy? Don’t feel you have to have all the details figured out on your own. As your wedding florist, I’m also happy to help provide some guidance on non flower related options.

4. Ignite the senses

Flirt with the idea of adding colours that go beyond the broader wedding colour palette. Intoxicating colour combinations will ignite your senses and melt into memories that linger on for a lifetime.

5. Focus your dollar bills

When it comes to your budget, let’s focus your dollar bills on a few, select signature items and not worry about the rest. If you need permission to not do ALL THE THINGS – here it is. You’re welcome.

6. Like vs Dislikes

There are so many swoon worthy images on Pinterest. Start with just 3-5 photos to help you communicate your likes and dislikes. I can help you tease things out from there. Rather than specific flower types, we’re aiming for a delicious colour palette with a mood to match.

7. Set the mood

Never underestimate the value of adding candlelight. It brings a true sense of romance to the evening and creates a level of intimacy not found elsewhere.

8. The seductive heart breaker (Aka Mother Nature)

One day she is gifting us incredible blooms. The next she’s drowning them or setting them on fire.  As she becomes more unpredictable with time, we’ve learnt to be lightning quick to adapt. The best way to get the most out of us as floral designers is to leave the final decision on individual blooms with us. That way no matter her mood, the flowers we create will leave you starry eyed.

9. Who to book first?

Book your venue and photographer before booking your florist. This helps us get a feel for your event. Don’t rush and book some one you don’t trust or whose work doesn’t make your heart skip a beat, just because they are cheaper.

10. Can I ask that?

The best way to find out the answer to your question is to ask. We do not expect you to have all the answers (or any answers at all). There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to your wedding flowers. Check out the FAQ page while you’re here.

  Lauren xx


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