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See the A’s to some common Q’s to help tame overwhelm.

Want to know if your wedding date is available? Send us an enquiry form to check your date.

I don’t know what style or colours I want. Can I still get started?
Yes! We can get started with a few simple details including your date, your venue and a ballpark budget. Curious about what your dollar bills might get you? You can visit our pricing and services page here.
I have some inspo photos, can you recreate them?

We love seeing your inspo photos and use them to inspire our designs and get an understanding of your likes and dislikes. It isn’t our aim to make a replica of an existing bouquet. You deserve a one of a kind floral experience and this is made possible by hooking up with mother nature and selecting the best flowers available on the week of your wedding. Think of it like a good remix – it’s the song you love, but different (in the best way).

What size are the bouquets in the package? Is there a certain number of stems included?

The feature bouquet is our most popular size. While we can’t give you a measurement of the finished bouquet in centimetres, if you’re worried about the size because you don’t want to overpower your dress or you’re very petite we can chat this through. As flower head sizes vary so much it’s often not about the number of stems used but the types of flowers used and the way the bouquet itself is designed.

What does the labour fee cover?

As florists we go to school to learn how to make flowers look like magic.

We are trained to hide our mechanics, work efficiently, and make our final design look as effortless as possible. At your wedding we have cleaned all the mess, cleared the empty buckets and removed ourselves before your guests arrive. Nothing spoils the magic faster than watching how a design is created.

The expertise, knowledge and time required to put together and source the right combination of flowers, for the right colour palette, to create the right vibe, at the right place, on the right day at the right time and have it look so good it makes you squeal with delight, is where the real magic happens.

I love that magicians never reveal their secrets. They make their tricks look so effortless, and yet I know there is so much going on that I just can’t see.

Our labour fee ensures we can continue to spend the quality time required to make it look like your flowers just miraculously appeared out of thin air looking plump and perfect (and to hire assistants in sparkly leotards when we need extra hands)

We work this out as a percentage of the total floral cost. More flowers = more hours = more sparkly assistants.

Can I add more after I’ve booked? I don't know if gran wants a corsage yet.

HUNDO P. First and foremost, your deposit locks in your wedding date. Your ideas may change over time. You can add items as you wish up until 1 month prior to your wedding date. While additions are totally fine, no more than 10% can be deducted from the quote agreed upon in your contract.

What happens on a phone consultation? Sounds official. Do I need to study first?

There are no gold stars for knowing botanical names or seasonal availability. Put simply, our phone call is a quick 10-15 minute chat. It gives us a chance to connect as humans, clarify anything on your questionnaire and just generally get a feel for where you’re at.
Disclaimer: It will be more fun than a visit to the dentist. It won’t be quite as fun as a ‘90% off everything sale’ at MECCA.

I only want a particular flower. If I can’t have it I might die. That’s ok right?

Whoa, hold up there. We too have been known to get a little obsessed with a particular flower from time to time.

We work with mother nature, seasonal availability, unpredictable weather events as well as market availability issues. We would hate to disappoint you in the case we can’t source your fave bloom. Instead, we focus on an overall aesthetic and colour. Your preferred flowers are always considered and we do our best to source them.

How much is the deposit & when is the balance due?

A non refundable deposit of 25% is due within 14 days of receiving your invoice. The deposit locks in your date on our calendar. The remaining 75% is due at least four calendar weeks prior to your wedding.

Do you have a minimum spend?

Yes we do!

Minimum studio pick up $1300, Minimum onsite setup $3500

Over the years we have found that it just isn’t possible to create dramatic and swoon worthy flowers of our quality standard for anything less than these prices.

Our floral design is characterised by abundance. We often use numerous varieties of flowers and foliage in our designs so that they have texture & dimension.

We buy in wholesale quantities, but because we aren’t a flower shop we can not sell any excess that isn’t needed. This means our packages are designed and priced in such a way that allows us to use all of the quality flowers we order for your day. Sometimes flowers bruise in transit, open too quickly (or not at all!) so we also allow a buffer to make sure the ones that end up in your bouquets are the pick of the bunch (pun intended).

The amount of labour required to seamlessly create designs is also factored into these minimum costs – because a rushed design looks completely different to one that is well thought out with ample time to execute.

Not a question. I’m lost. Send help.

We know the process of planning your wedding can feel daunting. We’re here to support you through the flower planning process. The best and most simple way to get the answers to your questions is to enquire. Send us an email to hello@ellieagnes.com with HELP! in the subject line and we’ll get things started for you. In the meantime, jump over to the blog where we share hot tips and inspo to help.

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